Spa-ritual "Antistress"

"Antistress SPA ritual" is called so for a reason, because it uses original Thai technologies and is based solely on the Asian philosophy of spa care and relaxation. This ritual with the help of special movements is aimed at restoring tone and relieving muscle and joint clamps. The ritual relieves the state of tension, headaches and normalizes unstable pressure. Acupressure technique helps to relax tense areas of the body in the spine and neck-collar zone, improves blood circulation and the condition of the face, as well as the masters point to the feet with a bamboo stick, providing acupuncture effects on all organs of the body, which allows you to get rid of tension. SPA-ritual "Antistress" gives a feeling of lightness, releases vital energy and improves mood.

Spa ritual includes:

-Working out the back

-Traditional Thai Foot ritual for feet

-Face ritual - Tea ceremony with oriental sweets.

-Tea ceremony with oriental sweets

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

  • Acquaintance with the Master of the SPA salon Royal Thai Spa
  • Spa-ritual "Antistress" 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Delicious fragrant tea and oriental sweets

Dear Guests! Please, check out with Royal Thai spa visiting recommendations.

During your first visit: Before the start of the session read the list of possible contraindications for Thai spa ceremonies and spa programs ("guest profile")


- Sign up for a session of SPA-ceremonies and Spa-programs in advance. You are an important Guest for us and we want to prepare for your arrival. Any consultation you can get by calling us in advance. +375 (29) 654-88-44

- Arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment. This time is necessary for filling out the Guest questionnaire, where you need to provide information about your health and preferences. You will also have time to change clothes in a relaxed atmosphere thereby completely immersing yourself in the atmosphere of Thai tradition.

Late for the rituals/cancellation of the visit:

- Unfortunately, your delay may lead to a reduction in the procedure and reduce its effectiveness. Please note that we cannot make changes to the schedule of the masters as this may negatively affect other Spa Guests.

- If for some reason you cannot come to the session at the appointed time, you can always reschedule the appointment for a period convenient for you. However, please notify the salon Administrator in advance.


- We recommend turning off your mobile phone before the rituals.

- It is better to feel a slight hunger than a full stomach before the rituals, do not eat 2 hours before any rituals.

It is better to feel a slight hunger than a full stomach before the rituals, do not eat 2 hours before any rituals.

- Always report any ailments to the Administrator before and after rituals.

Master Reward:

For the Master's gratitude in the form of "Tipping" means that they did a good deed for their beloved Guest! If you want to thank the master there is a "gratitude box" in the Room for your program.

Spa-ritual "Antistress"

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  • A gift certificate can be used at the Royal Spa at the address: Revolutionary, 28 by appointment 10 days before the desired visit date
  • The gift certificate is valid for 3 (Three) months from the date of purchase
  • Gift certificates are non-exchangeable and non-refundable


Cost of service / certificate:
255 BYN 190 BYN

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