No, you do not need to take anything with you, only a gift certificate, if you have one. Everything else (fresh towels, disposable underwear, etc.) is provided by the salon.
Oh sure. Gift certificates for any of our unique complexes can be purchased online at the PRESENTE gift service website. The payment button is located immediately below the description on the page of each complex.
There are unspoken rules: talking in an undertone, turning off your mobile phone.
Be sure to pre-register for the procedure at a convenient time for you. If you arrive without an appointment, it may turn out that the desired master is busy, and you will have to wait.
You can sign up for any master. Our managers will contact you and specify the most convenient time.
From time to time SPA salon "Sun Tai-spa" holds Promotions. In the section of the site "Promotions" all discounts and the period of each promotion are presented.
If you are late, please call the administrator. The administrator will help you decide what exactly to do in your case.
Yes it is. After shaving, skin irritation is possible, which may increase after facial massage. For the same reason, it is not necessary to use cosmetics before the massage procedure.